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Theory of Logic, as the Overall Dimension of Everything (LODE) With Spatial Infinity and Multi Universe System (SIMUS)

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Logic the Space Theory It is based on a question of why should anything exist, e.g.  space, time, universe, etc.  There must be a logical explanation for existence and equally if nothing existed there would also need to be a logical reason for why not, therefore an overall dimension of logic exists in either scenario.

Logic Definition  Logic is normally defined as a branch of philosophy that analyses the patterns of reasoning, a system of understanding, as distinguished from irrationality.  However has logic been adequately described and understood.

Logic Dimension  Logic appears to be the fundamental presence  that is needed for things to happen and evolve.  We are able to engage with logic and it appears to be capable of explaining & interconnecting with everything & everywhere and probably into infinity.  Therefore logic is probably the fundamental dimension responsible for it all, i.e. it is the Logical Overall Dimension of Everything (LODE).  Logic in its fundamental state seems to be an invisible energy, however we can observe its effects.  So how can such an invisible presence cause universe creation?

Logic (LODE) & Universe Creation The most commonly held Big Bang theory of the universe say it was created from a singularity of infinite density and that prior to this event the universe, space & time did not exist.   However there must be a logical reason why our universe now exists and equally why it previously did not exist.  Therefore logic existed before and after universe creation.

Logic (LODE) – Infinity   Infinity is normally defined as having no limits in space, time or quantity.  Therefore within infinity, the creation of our universe would be a relatively infinitesimal event requiring a relative amount of energy.  However from our perspective, it is observed as a massive event.

Space Infinity Multi Universe System (SIMUS) Prior to the creation of our universe, a relative amount of energy would be needed to start the process and there is no known reason to think that our observable universe is the only one.  Therefore it is likely to be one of an infinite amount and as a result the energy required would need to be perpetually self-sustaining.

LODE – Evolution – Universe Creation  As this theory progresses it will briefly explain how regional variations in space density are likely to occur.  These areas may simply react, contract and evolve towards universe creation, expansion and beyond.

LODE – Universe Creation & Degradation

The above diagrams are not drawn to any scale, they are for indicative demonstration purposes only

The 5 Stages

It is important to know a few details before proceeding with this theory.  Our observable universe is estimated to have originated some 13.7 billion years ago, from a small point of infinite density and has expanded to a size tens of billions of light years wide, it is currently expanding by 1% over tens of millions of years.  It originally had a hot temperature of 10 billion trillion trillion degrees and this created a cosmic microwave background radiation, but due to the space expansion it now has an average cold temperature of minus -270 C.  Our universe appears to be continuing to expand and this will further dilute and reduce the radiation and temperature, its worth noting that absolute zero is not far away at only minus -273.15 C.    It is also estimated that our observable universe consists of some invisible Dark Energy 74%, invisible Dark Matter 22% and Normal Matter 4%.

Stage 1   Universe Conception (Big Hole)   The creation of our universe must be the result of some prior development.  it is likely that the LODE will contain regional variations in the density of the empty space and without any known energy source to maintain its buoyancy, it is then likely to become  extremely cold, react, contract and therefore increase the density of the affected areas.

Stage 2   Universe Pre-Creation (Big Energy) As a result of the increasing density of the space, it is then likely to develop a basic form of gravitational mass & energy.

Stage 3  Universe Creation (Big Bangs)   The above basic form of energy is likely to expand and trigger off universe creation.  The mixture held within the universe will evolve and some interwoven imbalance will develop, between the energized expansion and gravity.  The interwoven gravity mixture will gather into ripples (gravity filaments) these areas will evolve, developing into matter and eventually combining into the formation of Galaxies.

Stage 4  Speed of Universe Expansion  The speed of expansion will be affected by the remaining residue of the interwoven gravity.  However as the universe expands, it will dilute and weaken the affect of gravity, and as a result this would allow the inflation to speed up. It is likely that some of the expansion will eventually meet up with the expansion from some other big bang and they will intermingle.

Stage 5  Universe Degradation (Big Loss) Within the expanding universe, the gravity filaments and galaxies will degrade, losing mass by emitting radiation, this will cause the gravity to become diluted and spread out with the radiation.  As a result, the universe will become the same as the surrounding LODE area, they will then blend together and later take part in other cold contraction events.


Gravity the Great Attractor  Our observable universe is likely to be much larger than can be seen and it is probably part of a greater multi-universe system stretching into infinity.  It is likely that there will be many regional variations within our observable universe and beyond, with different levels of energized expanding space & gravitational attraction.  Gravity seems to come into play wherever there is a contraction of space, causing an increase in its density and the creation of mass, these areas cause the surrounding space to bend towards it.  Within our observable universe it is likely that space, energy, temperature, gravity, and mass are not evenly spread and this will form imbalances that are likely to cause some of the ingredients including galaxy clusters to flow towards the point of greatest gravitational attraction, this would differ from the expected motion of universal inflation.


Logic/Infinity   If logic/infinity is everywhere, then it cannot positively expand or negatively contract it’s limitless infinite volume.  However a question then arises, can some areas within infinity expand or contract? and if so to what extent? Perhaps we should initially consider logic/infinity to be an empty and neutral place, however it probably contains variations within its space density and temperature, but these variations are likely to operate within certain parameters i.e restricting the expansion (pushing out against the surrounding area) or contraction (pulling in the surrounding area).   It is likely that when a regional area reaches its greatest expansion, it will then be able to mix with other nearby areas and it will also have reached its minimum density and temperature and on the other hand when a similar area reaches it’s greatest contraction, it will then have reached it’s maximum density and temperature.  It is likely that when these areas reach their limitations, they will then react, with an extremely cold area reacting with a negative energy and contract back towards a neutral position.  On the other hand an extremely dense & hot area will also react with a positive energy (Big Bang) and expand towards a neutral position.   These reactions are likely to have a turbulent affect on the stability of the neutral position, as this reaction process is unlikely to simply stop at neutral, it will carry on until it reaches its limitations.  These reactions will eventually move towards cold negative contraction increasing in density, and then (Big Bang, Universe Creation) becoming a hot positive expanding area, this process appears to trigger universe creation out of nothing, except for some invisible logic!

Universe Creation & Perpetual Motion It is described above, with extremely cold space contracting, increasing its density, gravity and energy.  It will evolve and inflate becoming an expanding bubble of a hot universe, containing space, time & gravity.  The continual expansion will dilute the substance of the area, which will gradually turn the area into the same as the surrounding LODE, they will then be able to intermingle, merge and eventually take part in other cold contraction events etc.  This appears to be a perpetual motion process, with many universe life and death events within it.

Logic Dimension (LODE)  We have the ability to engage with logic and it appears to be the fundamental presence that is responsible for everything and it exists everywhere.  However there are likely to be regional variations mixed within the volume, which will cause events such as cold gravitational contraction, Big Bang, hot expansion, then onto full buoyancy and mixing with the surrounding area.  The timing of these events within the LODE will be mixed with some areas contracting, while others are expanding.  These movements appear to provide a perpetual self-sustaining energy supply, which maintains a logical infinite space/time dimension.  Therefore the LODE would not have any boundaries in size or time and no beginning or ending.  Creation and degradation would be unavoidable integral events, providing a perpetual energy supply, which would maintain its buoyant and supreme existence.

Ken Shade Copyright ©  2010  Ken Shade


Written by ken shade

February 22, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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  1. Yes, Logic appears to be an overall dimension of everything.

    M Spence

    M Spence

    April 3, 2010 at 10:27 am

  2. explain more please


    April 3, 2012 at 12:10 am

    • Hello Nina

      Thanks for your response. The Space Theory website covers a number of areas, but it mainly questions why should anything exist? There must be a single supreme reason for existence and I am simply using “logic” to come up with an explanation. The theory can be used in relation to philosophy, science and religion (Supreme Existence).

      Regards – Ken Shade

      ken shade

      April 3, 2012 at 9:16 am

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